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10w60 or 10w50

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Sloan's Cycles in TN used Castrol 10w50 when they changed the oil in my Norge even though the manual says to use 10w60. They said MG issued some kind of advisory that said to use Castrol 10w50 now. Bike's running fine, but Jim Hamlin in CT said no, it should be 10w60. He said 10w50 wouldn't hurt it, but it's not right. Was an advisory really issued? If so, is it online somewhere so I could see it?

Oh NO!!! Another dreaded "oil thread!!" (Let the hand-wringing....BEGIN!!)

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I've not heard of an update to the type to be used. It would be odd, IMO, for them to change simply because they are now recommending Castrol products.
The V85 recommends Castrol 10w60.

You can get 10w60 from NAPA.It is made in Germany so a local shop might not have it in stock,mine came in the next morning.Cant recall the name.

Old Jock:
I don't think Guzzi manuals give you a range just a recommended weight, I also have a Ducati 1098 and in their owner manuals they show you a chart with the range of oils that can be used in various ambients.

As I remember the recommended for the Ducati is a 10W/40 but they tell you all the different grades that are acceptable for an ambient range, going from a straight 10 to straight 40 and a range of multigrades that extend the temperatures the motorcycle can be used in, with 10/40 extending the ambient range most.

I run that bike on a 15/50 as the ambients are well within the acceptable range and the 10/40 makes gearbox action quite noisy when shifting, the 15/50 gives a bettter change and is quieter, not an issue on Guzzis of course.

Unless your running in extremely high ambients and pushing the bike very hard I reckon the 10/50 will be more than good enough. Besides most Guzzi engines tend to run on the cool side, so I don't think it's anything to be concerned about.

I agree with John Henry, if I was in that situation I'd use it until the next change then go to the 10/60.

I pay more attention to oil quality running the bikes on full synthetics



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