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10w60 or 10w50

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Wayne Orwig:
When a shop makes up a story like that, I want to see it in writing. If they can't pull up the actual document from the factory, I assume they are BSing me, yet again, just to unload what they have in stock. I have a low opinion of most shops because of that, which is why I try to do all of my own work.


Thanks for this info. I'll keep it until the next oil change. Kind of disappointed in Sloan's now.

My local O’Reilly auto parts story (Midwest chain) keeps this in the back. I had to ask them for it the first time. The guy said they keep it on hand for a couple Porch guys.

My O'Reillys keeps it in stock in the regular oil rack. Oil filters are a different story, I have to get them from the dealer or mail order. No interchange that I could find.


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