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Sad Texas m/c stat

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Texas Turnip:
In 2021 519 motorcycle riders were killed on Texas highways 2,318 were seriously injured.

Upon reflection when I started riding my '51 Harley 74 back in 1959 there was not a m/c endorsement on your drivers license. You'd cringe at seeing some of the old half helmets we wore along with our leather jackets, Levis and engineer boots. The headlight on all the time law didn't happen until the mid 70's. I know my first Guzzi a 71 Ambo didn't have it. You would almost think that with all the safety features and m/c safety classes that motorcycle fatalities would be down.

What is the answer to reducing fatalities?

I don’t think there is a way unless head injuries area big factor.  Does Texas require helmets?  I wouldn’t mind getting rid of cellphones, alcohol, adolescence, deer, sand and left turn lanes.

Do wonder what percent of riders and/or drivers involved in these wrecks are under some amount of alcohol influence.

How many motorcycles were on the road in 59 compared to today?

In '59 every single person in Texas wasn't driving a huge truck that you can't see a 6' tall man standing in front of you, over the hood....  while driving 90mph, changing lanes while sipping a starbuks and checking their facebook feed on a smartphone and streaming GPS directions thru their in-dash LCD screen!


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