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Sad Texas m/c stat

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Unless the data is statistically significant (mathematically so, not just significant because my cousin was one of those who got sick/hurt/killed/etc) there's no way to accurately interpret or  compare the data. 

Texas Turnip:
Scout 63. No, Texas does not have a helmet law.
GliderJohn. Hate to admit that waaay too many are under the influence when they are killed.

It is always impossible to decipher the figures. When I started riding there was no freeways, lots of gravel roads and open range for livestock. The bikes had bad brakes, poor tires and headlights.

Here is hoping that next years m/c fatalities will drop.

Cell phones, alcohol, and unaware drivers.  The perfect storm.

1951 world population 2.5 billion

2021 world population 7.9 billion


     It would be interesting to compare those 2021 stats with previous years to see if it was normal or an increase.

     I can't remember where I read it, but iirc for all of NA during the time of _ there were statistical anomalies, of high rates of death trends for males of working age, ie 20-55 yrs.

     One of the areas that that showed up, were single vehicle, fatal motorcycle  accidents, where the death rates jumped by 40-50%.?

      The article referenced a variety of possible causes, but due to _ I'm reluctant to get into them all.

       Stay safe and enjoy the ride



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