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Stone windshield change follow up info

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Hereís a little information for those that may want to add the smaller tombstone type shield to replace the larger shield that came with the Stone and other single odometer models.

My 02 Stone came with the large barn door type shield.
Those shields function well and if one likes the looks itís a great shield.
However after having three other Guzziís with the police style shield and HD fork lowers added,  I wanted to change mine over. 
One of our members gave me a great deal in an almost new shield and mounting brackets.

When I went to mount the new set up yesterday I ran into an issue.
The Stone has only one gauge, a speedometer mounted right in the middle.
Apparently this setup is different from the models with both tach an OD.
The shield came in contact with the OD about an inch before the brackets lined up with the mounting holes on the triple trees.

I had two options that were reasonable, cut a hole in the shield to allow the OD to protrude through or extend the shield forward some how.
I decided the latter, move the shield foreword.
This was accomplished by adding 3/4 inch barrel washers between the shield and the bracket allowing clearance for the shield and OD.

Iíll add pictures after the fork wind deflectors are added. Hopefully they will come in today.

Joliet Jim:
I just added a 1/2 inch metal strip with holes to each side of the fork. With the speedhut speedo not an issue anymore.

One of my favorite places is .  All manner and sizes of aluminum spacers, and more.

Oh, and a bucket full of various pieces of cutoff stock.



Now Iím looking over the shield and past experience has taught me Iíll have head buffing issues.
A full size CLEARVIEW shield and the HD fork wind deflectors will fix any and all buffering as well as debris and rain hitting my face and helmet.

Iíll post pictures with the deflectors attached when they arrive and I get them modified from HD to MG.

Finished product in anyones interested 👍


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