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V9 Roamer Engine Map


Does anyone know what the latest map is for a 17 plate Roamer?

It's a UK bike if that makes any difference



The fact that you said "17 plate" kinda tipped the location....

Sorry, nothing to help with your question, but i am wondering what is driving your desire to play with the map ?
are you not happy with the stock map, or are you looking to make serious modifications ?

Cheers, mate

No - not looking to mess with the map

It's just that mine has a snatchy throttle from trailing to just on - negotiating a tight roundabout for example

When I first got the bike I messed about with checking the trace of the TPS and got the blue line below and felt that the sharp step between 10 & 20 degrees might be the root cause

So decided that a different throttle tube might work.

It's now got one from a Caponord (needed a bit of modifying but I didn't want to cough up for the G2 throttle tamer)

It softened things a little but not enough (orange line) I

I wondered if the OEM had updated the map that addressed  the issue and if they had I'd empty the piggy bank and send it to the dealer for a service

If mines the latest map I'll have another fettle of the throttle cables, valve gaps, plugs etc. and see if I can improve matters.

Failing that I'll ride it 24 hours a day for the next month and see if I can educate my throttle hand :wink:

I put a Beetle map on my 2019 Bobber Sport. Best $100 spent on a bike. Yes it ran good before but it just ran better overall with the Beetle map. Still got 59 MPG as I could not go easy enough to break into the 60 range.  :evil:


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