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"Fair" price for this Barn find '85 T5?

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As a recent comparable, I paid $2800 us for my new 1981 Lemans CX100 about a month ago. Last registered around 20 yrs ago.  Supposedly newly rebuilt engine shortly  before parked that looks legit.  It will need all brakes done, tires and more before its on the road. 

I was first to commit to come get it.   When I got there,  Seller had others waiting for me to say no.  I'm happy to  have  it.


--- Quote from: Tkelly on May 17, 2022, 02:24:09 PM ---Missing seat,not running?

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There is a photo with the seat on it.

A fair price is when both sides are happy. Therefore what I think would be a fair price will be different to someone else.

I will give a few observations since you asked. Add up everything that is required to go for the first ride on this remembering that it has not had any maintenance for at least 28 years. This includes missing parts, full service, new tires, brake lines, fuel lines and such. Now add a bit for the problems you cant see or know about as it has not been for a decent run in 28 years. If that number is less or equal to what you would pay for a bike that looks like this cosmetically it is a fair price.

I have found that when buying used motorcycles or machinery looking and listening to the seller has been equally as beneficial as looking at the item. The line if it does not sell the price goes up is not what I want to hear when buying a bike. Every person will have a different reaction to this comment. I would probably not engage with this seller but that is just me and I may be missing out on a great buy. I like my bike ownership to be a positive experience. That starts from when I go to buy the bikes and ends when I have had a positive selling experience.


Frankly I never even add in the cost of tires, fluids, filters, etc into my thinking.  Really no matter what you get thats not brand new will need all of those whether its a $500 rat, or a nice clean low mile more modern model. Also where you are matters. Near me you almost NEVER see a Guzzi on sale. So a few hundred extra for a local bike you can see, and put your hands on before buying can be money well spent. Plus if you REALLY want it.. The "I had one in the day" or :My Dad rode one when I was a kid" makes a huge difference to a lot of people. Personally that looks like a pretty solid project. Not sure I would pay the 3900 US on it, but personally I would look good and hard into it in the upper 2k range.

A T5 in good running condition doesn't typically bring this kind of money.


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