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My Calvin FARTED, and blew the hose and or filter !!!!!!!

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Well I've finally been able to ride after 2 carpal tunnel surgeries, left and right. So I need to get inspection, as 07 Calvin I got new last June only had less than 1k, and I was told " we replaced that "..........I thought I was safe......I leave the inspection station go 1/8 of a mile, STOP sign, let out clutch..........FAR T. Won't start, gas swirling in tank......OH NO the dreaded Calvin glitch. Well at least I wasn't in DEATH VALLEY when it happened. Road America came; after 3 HOURS, holy crap, I was in a major metro area, and brought me and the Calvin home.......when I called the inspection station and they said "what do you mean it's in the tank?" OOPS a Yamaha, Suzuki place; home seemed like the best action. My stupidity......I had the parts, the crimping tool, SAW ALL THE WARNINGS; so now here I go on the fix. Lesson sten and then DO IT !!!!! At least the flat bed was covered............ .

theres alot of pride in fixing things yourself. plus look  at the savings!


--- Quote from: troyhamilton on July 27, 2010, 06:26:29 PM ---theres alot of pride in fixing things yourself. plus look  at the savings!

--- End quote ---

And you know it is done.

crimp the living daylights out of those clamps.

I had a girl like that once.


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