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Hi I'm Geoff from Perth Western Australia.
After 25 years of Harley cruising I needed to reduce the weight to something more maneuverable. About 10 months ago I stumbled across my 2017 V7iii Stone. Purchased after a 10 minute ride. Best fun ever.
Now changed the mufflers to Mistral and its even more fun. Slowly learning about the bike and the Guzzi idiosyncrasies.
Thanks for the acceptance.
I've had 3 attempts at loading a bike picture but no joy so far.

Been pondering it for a long time and finally found the right ride.  Thanks for all the hospitality at the MN and WI Guzzi rallies over the years, I'll try to keep my pants on going forward.


hello im jorge i have a 03 moto guzzi california special sport  that i will start fixing as my first bike. im thankful of having the opportunity of being part of the guzzi family.

Good morning!

My name Christof, live in Baltimore, profession is real estate agent and I ride a V85TT Travel and a Yamaha Super Tenere.



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