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Very Cool American Spitfire WWII Story/Vid

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That was excellent

I knew that the PR Spitfires were unarmed and flown by very brave men, but I too didn't know the USAF flew them

Still, slight off topic  I hope I'm dead and gone by the time the sound of a Rolls Merlin powered aircraft doing a low pass doesn't send shivers up my spine

I spent the summer of 2014 chasing about watching and listening to the two Lancaster's when the Canadian Lanc Vera came of on tour.

I hope my next big fix will be when this takes to the air again

The USAF  teaches some of this during history class in basic training . Thanks Bill .


That was fantastic!  Thanks for posting that.  What a well done video.  Thanks again Bill.

The pilot, John S Blyth, looks like a genuine 'down to earth' nice guy.

Pretty gutsy hanging around over Berlin for 30 minutes to ensure he got the right photos...

Questionable choice of lead-in/exit music sets a weird tone for the subject matter, but what a great story.


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