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I have never owned a Guzzi, and I'm not much of a cruiser fan, but there is a very low mileage [1100] 2000 model year Jackal nearby.  I was wondering what a ballpark price would be.  He's asking $5500 for it which seems kinda steep.  Has a plexiglass fairing, passenger seat, and backrest.  I'm only interested because of the low mileage, and I've seen some modified Jackals that seem would make a nice project.  Any incite on a fair price would be appreciated.

Rich A:
That's very steep. I bought a like-new 2000 Jackal over 5 yrs ago for $3000. That was an exceptionally good deal, but I doubt the seller would be able to get much more than that for the bike you're considering.

These are nice bikes.

Rich A

At $5500 it needs to be something really special, but it's probably just a 15-y-o Jackal.  Pics would help.  I bought a perfectly good one a few years back for $1500.  With nothing but standard maintenance it still works good.

Chuck in Indiana:
As mentioned above, they are a solid scooter. I'd think top dollar on it would be 3 ish though. If you aren't much of a cruiser guy, the Jackal can be customized to your heart's content.

father guzzi obrian:
 3K seems about right. I recently sold a pretty solid low mileage Griso to a guzzi friend for 3400, so don't buy it for the investment.  If you are willing to spend 5K, get an EV with bags, dual front discs and tubeless rims... Cant see a new Jackal being worth that much money, YMMV


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