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MOAB trip route questions

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Leaving Sacramento area late May or June.

Going to take 50 east to 70 and then 191 south down to MOAB area. After the MOAB visit exit going 191 south to 163 south/east, then connect into 98 west and 89 west, on back via 15 north to 50 east and back home.

My question is what do the gas stops look like on my route. I don't own a GPS unit. I'm aware of a couple long legs on 50 but have never been on 191 or 163 before. Looking at a map it looks as if gas stops could be an issue on both 191/163.

Also if someone who travelled this route before can see what i'm trying to do.... what do you think of the route selection and would there be a better way to do this?

My main concern.. gas legs. I hit reserve between 115/125 depending on conditions.

I don't like to carry an extra gas bottle, feel it's awkward to carry since I have no rack on this bike. I'll just be using some textile throw over saddle bags, along with sleeping bag, tent, inflatable mattress, etc. Only tools will be to tighten up the chain, electrical repair parts and basic hand tools.

I think the longest between gas stations might be around 100 miles on 50. Southern Utah is now my favorite spot in the US. Your route would be fine as it goes through Monument Valley you and should be able to catch Zion on the way back to 15. Even more scenic would be to take 95 west from Blanding to 24 and then 12 south. Scenery changes every 50 miles or so. It takes you through Escalante Staircase and Bryce. Eye popping stuff. Have fun.


What is the range on your bike? My Norton Fastback was good for about 150 miles and only once did I run out but was able to coast into a station. All my current riders are good for 225-260+ miles so no worries.


'70 Bonneville.  ;-T Good for you. I think I would be getting one of those Rotopax if you already have a luggage rack. Pretty sturdy and double as a rack themselves.


There's gas in Blanding and Mexican Hat and if I remember correctly also in Kayenta - well worth exploring all of these areas by the way...hope you go thru the Moki Dugway and Valley of the Gods.     Some of the absolute best scenery in the world there.  You could also get a good TomTom GPS for $100...well worth it, and another vote for the Rotopaxes....they are excellent products.  If you have time as well to head back up towards Lake all means top in at Antelope Canyon...not to be missed.


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