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Found myself a Convert!!
They are really rare here in Sweden. About 20 were ever imported. Not many have survived.
This is a 1976, almost drives (has a leaky final gear) and has been converted (!) to manual gearbox about ten years ago. The seller claims that all the specific Convert parts are there, and as far as I can see they are. Wrong seat of course, but original saddle bags are there (not in pics).
I talked to the PO (not the seller) and he says its nothing wrong with the converter etc, he just wanted a manual gearbox. Hopefully heís right!
Apart from the boxes with Convert parts, the bike seems to be in decent shape with some new parts (FAC dampers in fork, Valeo starter, brake hoses). I will know better when I get it home and start take it apart. However, it sits on the second floor in a barn presently without a driveway. The seller is building one but it will take some time.

At this time I am debating with myself whether I should do an original resto or a 850T exterior with Convert drive. Time will tell.

congrats. I think since you have all the parts and the rare aspect them in that area, I'd aim for an original resto for convert. Either way, you can't go wrong!

That's a nice one!

Got the Convert to the garage last week.
As of now it has a manual 5-speed and all of the  specific convert parts sits in a box (engine front cover with trans oil pump still on the engine).
Most stuff seems to be there. So far the only thing missing is the transmission oil cooler bracket. (I have just placed an ad in the Swapmeet section).
Havenít had time to take any pictures yet but they are coming.

Some progress made.
Got the bike apart and engine out last week and today I disassembled the engine.
Everything seems to be in good, or at least decent shape. Tomorrow I will inspect the engine parts more closely but from what I saw today the only obvious thing was some pitting on the cam followers.
I believe I have everything for the transmission except for the bracket that holds the oil cooler, however Charlie M has very kindly donated one. Thank you!!

I have also decided some more on the build. It will be a 850T look-a-like (green with gold stripes) with twin discs, foot boards and convert transmission. The 850T looks has really grown on me, itís a no-nonsense, basic bike, and the plan is that this will be my bike to use around town.
I already have the 850 T parts I need (tool box lids, instrument cluster, triangular crash bars, seat bar, etc). And donít fear; I will keep the critical Convert parts If I ever change my mind.
I think I will call this one a ConverT.


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