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General Discussion / Re: $1,550 Ambassador...
« Last post by Tom on Today at 05:38:26 PM »
Before all the current motorcycle collecting circa "I want to make a cafe racer."  This would have salvage value.   Maybe $200-$500.   :tongue:
General Discussion / Re: What's your favorite cover song?
« Last post by 2dogs on Today at 05:35:44 PM »
Richard and Linda Thompson

At the dark end of the street
General Discussion / Re: Guzzi Rally in Susanville, CA
« Last post by JJ on Today at 05:30:16 PM »
To me the ride is more important.  The actual going from A to B.  The B gives you a direction.  The "road" creates memories that you can't buy.   :boozing:

You are correct O'-Obiwon-Guzzi-Tom  :laugh: :grin: :wink:....and on all points!! :thumb: :thumb: :boozing: :cool: :bow: :wink:
General Discussion / Re: Nice Seat Set for New Eldorado...
« Last post by SLDMRossi on Today at 05:28:32 PM »
Price drop to $175...

General Discussion / Re: Something Dead under my Shed
« Last post by guzziboy66 on Today at 05:26:27 PM »

Or Lime...

Ya probably want to go with lime...

"It is used to capture the putrid scents of decaying flesh. Today lime is still used at mass grave sites to capture the scent of decay and keep soil pH high. Low pH soil is an indicator for a mass grave as the decomposition products are acidic and lower the soil pH."
General Discussion / Re: Transmission question
« Last post by Tom on Today at 05:26:09 PM »
I didn't bring this up.  Check the posts.
General Discussion / $1,550 Ambassador...
« Last post by SLDMRossi on Today at 05:25:49 PM »
That is an interesting article. A day-long festival every year to celebrate spam. Who da think it?


Even I was amazed.  I guess they don't have a motorcycle to ride.   :grin:
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