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Small block bevel (small seal) ?

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Looking for the small inner seal for a v50 bevel box. I have a spare big seal but have had no luck sourcing the small one inside the  housing. Tia  dave

V50 inner seal is same as a Tonti (early) forkseal. 35/47/7 I think

Yes, GU 90403547, looked it up
Looked that up

 :bow: Thank you GS

Well, that one is better for rotating shafts than a fork seal but I have used them w/no issues.

Didn't realize I had two spares right in the front forks!  :grin: Thanks again, order placed along with some gaskets and lock tabs and schnorr washers. Going to attempt the oil passage mod while I'm in here.  Fortunately the pinion bearings seem fine with no discernable end play. Someone has been in here, before probably to replace the big seal . all but one of the lock tabs on the bearing plate were staked, the others all missing or broken.
Question; should I remove the lock plates on the crown wheel and substitute with schnorr washers or install the washers over the lock plates?

         Also , I would imagine I will need two gaskets , one on either side of the shim stack?  Whoever was in there before used black rtv  Thanks again ,Dave


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