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V7 Sport (road rash)

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Looks like my last attempt to document my rebuild was deleted.
Iíll try again.
Frame is stripped and Iíve got both engines pre-inspected now. Iíve all but decided to run the original engine.

Now for the bad newsÖ looks like the frame is tweaked a bit. At least I think it is. It wonít sit flat, the left front is about 2mm off the ground. Is this a lot? Itís not detectable by sighting it down anywhere.

2mm may not be that significant, depending upon the reason.  Is one of the down tubes bent, neck twisted, ? or is the lug at the bottom of the tube  The lower frame rails bolt in place and it isn't a press or precision fit.  Have you bolted the lowers in place to see how all aligns at that point?
I understand these frames are prone to cracking where the bottom of the front down tubes attach to the lugs.   If the 2mm doesn't pull the frame out of shape when lowers are installed and tightened, that's lots better than having to have cracks properly serviced.  One of my down tubes was welded/repaired & not pretty when I got the bike.  I've never fixed the repair.  Maybe someday.

Good points. The lower rails were loosely bolted up originally. I put them into place and the left side lined up perfect. The right side was close but not perfect. I was able to get everything bolted up no problem but the holes didnít line up absolutely perfect on that side.
Iím leaning towards running it as is.

Engine stripped and getting ready for vapor honing.

The head and cylinder are empty, Iím not using either the heads or cylinders just there to protect the mating surfaces. Probably unnecessary but Iím trying to seal it up somewhat to make clean up easier.

Crank is going to the machine shop to see if it will polish up.

Rod bearings and main bearings are pretty rough.

Vapour honing will not damage mating surfaces, it is safe on aluminum, steel, brass and most plastic. The glass media / water slurry is very gentle but it gets through the thinnest joints so better to send parts completely disassembled into individual pieces for vapour honing.

Shells and mains look pretty worn. Have you measured the crank bearing surfaces to determine if you will need a regrind and oversized shells and bearings? Every non filter GUZZI big twin I have rebuilt needed oversized bearings, damn chrome flakes and poorly filtered oil causes all kinds of grief. Looking at those bearings I would expect the oil pump to be worn out as well.

Glad to see you saving a rare bike! 👍


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