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V7 Sport (road rash)

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This guy in Austria looks like he has a pair of V7 Sport front signal light brackets, he also sells reproduction clear plexiglass fairings and the brackets on German Ebay

Thanks Canuck,
I will be reaching out to the Benelli guy.
I have headlight ears.
I am trying to translate the German eBay site to get those turn signal brackets.
I have toolboxes, though I wish lined up betterÖ

Thanks agan :thumb:

Some big and little wins the last few days. After realizing I had my ignition timing a few * outÖ It fired up in half a crank! Iíve got to sort the idle,etc but thatís huge for me.
Also after a few weeks of soaking in penetrating oil the fuel solenoid freed up. I always thought this to be a cool (slightly silly) feature and wanted to use it.
The little cable splitter for the Magura throttle that was graciously recommended by Antietam CC showed as being sold out right after I ordered it and I never got a shipping confirmation so I sorta assumed I was outta luck. I was super happy to see that package show up today! I also dig the Uber simple, ratio-less original throttle. Combined with the VHB slide springs, this throttle and the fresh clutch springs this bike might test my manhood. :embarrassed:

Hereís my attempt at sharing a video. Yes grammar bad, carbs are far from synced (cable splitter hadnít arrived at the time)

My wife, who was filming was apparently not impressed, as she immediately asked what I wanted for dinnerÖ

I am getting closer to finishing what I aimed to accomplish on this bike for the summer.
I have put 200 miles on it so far, atleast 10 heat cycles, re-torqued heads 3 times (last time seemed pointless) but Iíll do it twice more at a minimum, Iíve gone through the jetting using my butt dyno. I arrived at 50pilots between 1.25 turns left, 1.5 right, V9(?) needle at richest, 40 slides, 135 mains. This has a lightened flywheel and the HMB V7 Sport cam. Some cool looking velocity stacks originally off of a Ducati single and classic Uni sock filters ill fittedÖ.
I havenít brought it to redline yet as Iíll wait until I change the oil again in another 300 miles or so.
Carb syncÖ.
No vacuum ports on these manifolds. I was thinking about trying this method.
Seems a little hard on the coils? Opinions?

Iíll post some pics when I get the exhaust mounted.

With any luck I will get the tins painted this summer, otherwise Iím mostly done. Lots of adjustments, possibly an electronic ignition at some point.


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