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V7 Sport (road rash)

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Congratulations,beautiful job.If it runs as good as your t3 you have a winner.

Antietam Classic Cycle:

--- Quote from: czakky82 on June 14, 2022, 10:35:17 AM ---Some cool looking velocity stacks originally off of a Ducati single

Carb syncÖ.
No vacuum ports on these manifolds. I was thinking about trying this method.
Seems a little hard on the coils? Opinions?

--- End quote ---

I still have that set of original V7 Sport 'stacks if you want them.

I'd either sync the carbs by measuring the slide opening(s) with drill bits, or just drilling and tapping the manifolds for vacuum fittings.

Looks great! 

Thanks guys! Iím not on Dave, Antietam, or Canuckís level by a long shot, but itís fun.

Iíll send you an email on those stacks in a while. Iím traveling a bit the next few weeks.

Nice work! :thumb:  Lookin goooood.

Iíve got a few hundred miles on the old girl now and have been able to open it up a bit. So I thought Iíd give my riding impressions.
Iíve owned three Guzzis in my life. A long term, oft crashed, bastardized, v11 Sport since sold. A lightly modded, mechanically refreshed T3, now owned by Tkelly.  :cry: I do miss a bitÖ In good hands though.
Now this.
The most noticeable thing about a V7 Sport right away is how tall the gearing is. Most bikes from this period and beyond I find myself searching for a 7th or 6th gear that doesnít exist when first riding. The v7 I was looking for gear below 1st! One of the first few rides I was thinking about how tall the gearing was going down the highway at 70mph, until I realized I was in 4th! I mean indicated 80mph is the only time you need be snicking into 5th!
The next noticeable (read:charm) part is the honking 4ls drum. So sexy to my eyes! My dad was only 12 when these were new but somehow Iím (at 40) nostalgic for the times of big mechanical brakes. These are honestly better than expected. I had a pretty worked over Yamaha that sported an XS1 2ls brake stopping a wild RD350 thing I built and it totally stunk if honest. This 4ls is almost adequate and Iím still fine tuning it a bit. Iím obviously not going to outbreak any modern bike but if youíre able to give it a healthy squeeze itíll slow you down. It also doesnít overheat as easily as I thought it would.
The engine is mostly stock save an HMB home brew camshaft and a pro lightened flywheel. Iíd like to add a Sachse iggy and eventually have heads ported properly and add 32mm carbs. Not today though. Compared to Tkellyís T3 it doesnít have a ton more power maybe 3-4 more Hp, and likely less torque especially with the higher gearing it feels that way. It does have such a cool sound with the Lafranconi Competizione mufflers and short stroke itís amazing! Power builds more so with this engine than the T3 as well. I havenít been up over 6500rpm yet but it has no tell of signing off.
I really spent some time on this transmission when rebuilding, replacing almost all bearings and spending a TON of time on shimming the shift drum within a gnats bum. I sourced a solid heim joint linkage for my basically 850T foot controls and think I can dial this in more. It still shift like a Guzzi, which is uhh charmingÖ better, but you still canít be careless when shifting. Getting the perfect Ďsnickí into gear still requires some care.
The riding position (with 850T foot controls) is not bad. Aggressive enough that nobody is going to confuse you for a cruiser and the IMO perpetually disconnected front end of a Guzzi has more feel with the repro swan necks. Keep in mind this front wheel weighs a TON! However the fork dampers are pretty shot. Tkellyís T3 has renewed dampers and springs, disc brakes, etc. and is much more compliant. Iím thinking Iíll have some FACs(?) relatively soon. The rear Koni shocks, surprisingly good after a rebuild! If I can swing the cost of re-chroming the springs Iíll be happy!
I canít remember what clutch I went with, itís fine. You gotta be serious about using it, no wrist relief here! The good part is once in 3rd you donít need to use it much while strafing corners with the tall gearing.
I still hope to get the tank and toolboxes painted this summer and use the original broken footpegs to fab a more closer to v7 sport foot controls.

All in all, an involved machine that makes you feel cool when you ride it!
Thanks for indulging me :bike-037:


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