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Troubles while traveling

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I'm on a long trip, about 1500 of over 2000 miles in. Bike runs intermittently one one cylinder, can't say which one. Thought I had gotten some bad gas yesterday, that, however, does not account for the single cylindering. It is not consistent enough to diagnose at idle. The bike is still on points. Bought a gas can to remove the gas and check pet cock screens, they're clean. In the 80s here and no shade. May try points later. It stutters then quits running on one cylinder then suddenly it returns to running normally.  It is disconcerting to have either happening while cornering at 20 - 30 mph. Yes, the roads have been that nice. Along the Missouri River on MO94 and along the Mississippi on MO79 (The Great River Road, old version). In Hannibal MO now, leaving in morning for Oquakwa IL for the Illinois rally.
All suggestions considered, got any??


ray bear:
 bad plug, points gap too close , HT lead

It sure would be nice to know what bike and what's been done in the past.
The first thing is, have the spark plug caps been upgraded? The Mille I owned would misfire if somebody sneezed the next county over. Pull the plugs and see what they tell you.

What was said above > plug caps or HT leads, maybe coil?

I'm very sorry 😞, the bike is a 1989 Mille. I've owned the bike 30 years and had very few issues, the ones I've had have been mostly of my own making. I have found some spark plugs locally and replaced them just now. These plugs are resistor plugs, the ones coming out were not. Plug caps are LB05F which are resistor caps, shouldn't make a difference. I personally have carped on and on about the plug caps and their seeming flaws. I usually carry a spare set of new ones and new plugs too, checked my top secret stash hole (the tail piece box) everything contained therein is used and therefore questionable and suspect! I did find some plugs that look like platinum plugs to me, suffix GP? We'll try the new plugs tomorrow,  fingers crossed. I have never encountered a plug that works and then doesn't which is what's going on or points or condenser for that matter, coil maybe. I'm ready to be schooled. I tried to check the plug caps but the, battery in my traveling DVOM was dead, got a new battery for it at the auto parts store where I got the plugs. I bought 4 plugs just in case.



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