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jackal front brake caliper

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while coming in from ok. ralley 2 miles from home no front brake( had it then  nothing) and draging front brake pad.  New front master and used  ss front brake line(MPH).  I have tried to bleed front brake line (dot4) with  vacuum pump and just pumping and bleeding the brake.  can feel some resisents in the lever but not a lot .  Is it the  caliper or disk.  Disk dosen't fill that worn (new paddies).rudyr

If it's the oem m/c it could be the seals have failed internally and won't pump.  I've had to toss mine in favor of NISSIN m/c's on account of the brembo stuff is not rebuildable and cost about 3x NISSIN prices to replace.

which nissin caliper?  I went to a after market Harley shop and they tell $15.00 for 30 MM  after market Brembo rebuild kit.  But which model, well I called MPH for a price and what model.  I looked up in my Guzziology and it tell me in 2001 early the Jackal had a 5165 caliper and later had a 6800 ( gold & 2 pins holding the brake paddies) calper.  Well as some of youal know I have tuble's rimes  My caliper is not gold and has 2 pines holding in brake paddies and radel spings.. Rudyr

Check with yoyodyne for the brembo numbers.  When we last tried this, there were no service kits available; I had to buy new.  I don't have a Jackal handy now to check.

Most any of the big gxxr NISSIN m/c's will work.  Pre-about '96 they were normal pumps.  Post that cutoff (don't know exactly the date) they went to a radial design, which I prefer, mostly because they work on Guzzi fat bars and are ambidexterous.  I've been buying mine used for cheap on ebay.  The last one included the calipers, splitter, and hoses for about $100.  Those gxxrs don't seem to go very far before they crash.  I'll be getting another soon for the trike.

Vasco DG:
Try elevating the calliper above the master cylinder, push the pistons right back and jamb a bit of something between the pads to stop them moving and the. Bleed the system.

The master cylinder only moves a small amount of fluid. If bleeding conventionally if there is air in the line the bubbles will rise back up the line while the master cylinder is re-priming. If the calliper is held above the master with as little hose as possible pointing *Down* the bubbles are far more likely to purge.


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