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Le Mans UJ Carrier Bearing - SKF Part Number?

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I have the Guzzi part number for the UJ carrier bearing for my Le Mans Mk 5, but does anyone have the SKF part number please?


Check out this table at Guzzitech GB:

It cross-references many Guzzi bearing part numbers with SKF numbers.

Pull the bearing and look on the race for the numbers. Give these numbers to your bearing retailer and tell them you want a SKF bearing to match. If the numbers are not legable measure the OD x ID and thickness and give theses numbers to you bearing retailer.

Numbers will be something like 6206RS (60mm x 30mm x 16mm).  6206 is common within most bearing manufacturers as the "RS",  It stands for "rubber seal"

While your swing arm is out also get the pivot bearing sizes and seal sizes. I can get you the 3 bearings and 2 seals for about $40 USD. Don t know what shipping would be though. Bearings are KOYO.

Antietam Classic Cycle:
SKF 6206-2RS1

Doug McLaren:
Try these fellas Stuart, I've always had good service from them.


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