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Practical Jokers - C'mon guys (Guzzi Bobber Project)

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So, You know you've left your project on the lift too long when the mechanics start to "upgrade" your bike without your permission.


Ahh, the in-town tank...  :P

Hey, maybe they just needed a place to set the tank down that would not allow teh fuel tap to open....

Not a good look though.   ::)

Steve Scott:
Nice! 'Better move that thing before it loses its front brake and gains a hard tail... Highway pegs and taller bars are in order, the handgrips can stay.

I agree.  Keep the hand grips.  Replace the remainder.   ~;

Looking at the pic, I see some odd bracketry at the front of the tank.  Is it an adapter to mount it?

And cut the pipes so they finish just in line with the front of the cylinders, it's waaaaay to quiet like that :D


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