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DIY Electrical tips some may help with motorcycle repair wiring.

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Some good tips for electrical work.  Home and/or automotive/motorcycle.  Some I knew and some that I didn't.

Love the splicing technique. No more twisting for me!

Forty years ago I made a little extra money building custom wiring harnesses for choppers. I do boat wiring projects occasionally these days. Shrink tubing and crimp type terminal ends are the way to go. I buy plain terminals and the tubing in bulk. Cost works out to about .15 per terminal. I have found that the 3 to 1 shrink tubing with the glue inside makes a pretty darn weatherproof job. You can buy terminals with shrink tubing already on them, but they're a buck apiece.

Old Jock:
Some good tips

Never came across the Reef knot techique to join wires before, quite ingenous. In the past I've just pushed the stripped conducters together, meshing them, then twisting, followed by solder and heat shrink

The "lever nuts" are good although I've never heard them called that before. I've heard them referred to as Wago connectors, the company that seems to make most of them. Used them before and like them, I believe most commonly used on domestic wiring schemes.

Only other things I can think of are
1) Don't use pre-insulated terminals, use the all metal variety with separate boot insulators that slide over.
2) Get a decent set of crimpers
3) Use "Thinwall" wire for the conductors, they can carry higher current for a given CSA.


Wait a minute, is the cute knot the ONLY thing connecting and holding the two wires together? NO. Solder it! Otherwise, vibration and heat/cool cycles will almost certainly work the knot loose and allow corrosion to form on the mating surfaces, resulting in a high resistance joint.

Also, I wish people would stop showing the shrinking of heat shrink tubing with a match (Or any open flame)- use a heat gun unless you like black soot, sagging, charred insulation and surprise fires.


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