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NGC whatís the best saw for this job?

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Iím replacing a shower enclosure down the basement. There is no ceiling, the unit Iím replacing had used a bottom base section on top for a ceiling which I want to do again. No ceiling down there its rafters..
The enclosure is in 3 pieces, itís acrylic. I want to cut off the top flange on the side pieces so it will fit together.
I have Access to a table saw, hand held Saber saw/jigsaw and a scroll saw (jigsaw with table) and a band saw.. Also have a 4Ē cut off tool and dremmelÖ what will work best without cracking the acrylic?

Do you have the old enclosure to use to test options? I would probably used the cutoff to start the cuts in any event, then maybe the jig saw but do test and do build a guide and tape along the cut. Lots of variables and more information from experimentation would be helpful.

Yes I have sections of the old unit to practice on. Good idea.

I'd use an oscillating saw. I carved up a whole shower enclosure with one of those to get it out of the building. It cut straight without chipping or cracking.

John Croucher:
Fine toothed circular saw with the blade running backwards. 


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