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Hi fellow riders
I am a new member from Florida
I have been riding for 39 years and I owned several motorcycles (mostly BMWs) during all this time and I am a big fan of the drive shaft driven bikes and I am looking forward to find a nice Norge to add to my garage, I am riding a 21' 1250 RT at the monent
I'll see you all on the road somewere someday....
Safe riding

Hello all from Amsterdam!

I am a new rider. I got my license in September and picked up a V85TT in October. I actually dropped it at the end of the test ride but knew it was the bike for me...

I appreciate all the advice and reviews that I've come across on this forum--to include the ongoing search for the perfect windscreen setup. Decided it was finally time to register and say hi.

Hi everyone, I am new here .. so excited to be the part of this community

Hello to all! I've been blessed with the motorcycle addiction since my first bike in 1975 (1975 Yamaha DT175). At the age of 62 I've thinned the herd to a 2020 Suzuki DL1050 and the latest addition, a 2017 V9 Bobber. This is only the second Moto Guzzi I've owned with the first being a 2006 750 Breva. Yesterday I did the first service on the V9 (only had 1006 miles when purchased and not serviced) and damn I've missed the simplicity of an air cooled twin. Reminds me of the BMW twins of old. The 2018 Goldwing I sold this spring took a Master's degree from the Rube Goldberg School of Abstract Engineering just to get to the air cleaner. Don't get me wrong, the Wing was an amazing motorcycle but simple to maintain it was not. Seems as I age I'm getting nostalgic for the simpler times. Thanks for having me!

Ci@o tutti,
I am happy to have been accepted here today
I am 61, I live in France and I ride my Quota 1000ie for 30 years now !
I own 3 other Guzzis, but not in condition to be used for the time being.
What made me come here is my search for information about the swingarm bearings of my Stelvio 8v which I own for 3.5 years now, and which I still do not use ...
I've been o the USA on business several times long ago, and hope to find the time to make some road trip there.
Maybe meet one or another of you then.



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