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Yet Another TPS Substitute



I came across this rotary positioner from Bourns a company that specializes in this type of thing.
The beauty of a non-contacting device, it doesn’t have sliding parts to wear.
If you look at the data sheet you will see that there is only one sheet to cover the whole range of angles
I think we would need
10 – 90° of rotation
Counter clockwise to increase
You would need to file the shaft flat to fit the throttle body
It doesn’t have a spring to take up the slack

If it was "plug-N-play" I'd give it a shot. But I have had some real.........challe nges setting the TPS and as it is running good now I think it is best left alone.  ;D
However, I set the TPS on my 2014 Husaberg FE501 and it was easy. The movement was very linear and easy to get the right #. Not like the Bassa where a tiny tap moves it 30-40%.  :-\

Maybe they could make one if you send them yours or another sample.  I saw this non contact TPS used to rebuild a Mercedes throttle body on one of the car shows. It was made for the car.


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