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Front End work


My 2004 EVT for seal is leaking what should I use for the replacement Genuine Guzzi or aftermarket?
I have heard talk of replacing the steering head bearings with higher quality units. Is that something that should be done? The bike only has about 12K miles no steering problems replace or Grease the originals?

             We seem to have the same bike FWIW ;D

            It was discovered that my fork tubes needed to have the pits polished out. New seals alone just did not work. I had done a lot of dirt roads, which might have contributed to the pitting. You need a magnifying glass to examine them. Sorry but I forget what brand seals were used. IMO, it is more important to check the tubes and get them right.
              As for the bearings, Luigi is notorious for installing them unlubed but removing the bottom item on my bike was so difficult, that I think I would wait until the steering deteriorated before replacing them with new. It really is a job for a shop.


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