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3' x 5' Moto Guzzi Flag ... $15

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No connection to Seller...

Steven Rossi

Cool.  :thumb:
As always,  thanks for posting!

     I wonder if anybody here is familiar with the seller or has actually seen them?

     At that price, if they were halfway decent quality, shipping one of each almost makes sense.

     Tks very much for posting

I contacted the seller," Ed lnu", he says he's now out of the Italian flag style but still has the other styles in stock, willing to ship to Canada for the same $4@.

Couple of red flags jump out for me, no pun intended, 3 different items, 1 immediately out of stock creating a sense of urgency,,, the margins on those flags at that price would be extremely tight, willing to ship to Canada for the same price, almost makes me think it's too good to be true, fwiw idk

I'd love to hear from somebody that may be familiar with the vendor and can verify it's not a scam before I send coin.


Thanks, i ordered one and he shipped within 5 minutes and provided tracking.


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