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3' x 5' Moto Guzzi Flag ... $15

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Oh yeah, I got mine yesterday. It's exactly as shown in the ad, actually the quality is a little better than expected. needs a spritz and a quick tumble in the dryer to get the creases out, I will try to remember a pic when I get it up

Received mine Thursday or Friday and it is really nice.

Looks like someone flagged the post for removal...

flags are probably sold out..........."flagged" for removal.....ha Ha


Greetings All!

I bought one of the tri-color flags from Ed and it is a great quality piece. He also has some Guzzi lighted signs.

I suggested he post here to offer his Guzzi items.

He ships quickly and sends shipping info to you.

So if he does post here and you want one of his products he is very legit.

Ride safe and often,



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