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V7 Sport build the sequal SOLD

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Here we go again. in the process of building my 73 V7 Sport over the past two years I accumulated a lot of spares, one thing led to another and now I have gathered up all I need to build a second 73 Sport.
All that I was missing was an original frame with title, Joe W. was kind enough to offer me a tired old 73 Sport frame with original title and that was the last key piece needed.
The Sport frame once hauled a sidecar as a race outfit, but this outfit was welded to the bike frame, took a little time to get the old brackets off.

Rusted and unloved

cleaned up and ready for finishing, a lot of deep pits on the lower cross members but they will not be too visible

made up some new tabs to replace those that were in missing or rusted away

back from the powder coater, along with a set of NOS lower frame rails Curtis Harper sourced along with a center stand and swing arm

Frame tag back on

The block is not original (but Joe knows where the original is and who knows maybe the ying will find the yang)

Surface plate ground the base of the block and oil pan

Reground crank, new mains and shells, balanced rods and NOS gears from Harpers

Nice used cam

and a good used oil pump from Moto Guzzi Classics

Polished lifters from Moto Guzzi Classics

New Giladorni kits

Rebuilt heads with new guides, valves and springs

Tore down the oil pressure release valve, checked and reassembled

New hardware

And a nice good used set of rocker assemblies with new washers

New clutch springs and bolts, relined clutch discs and a new steel center disc

New stator kit, rotor and rectifier

Pulled apart a good five speed

Replaced he main bearings, seals and gaskets and shimmed the drum (thanks for the tutorial Pete)

Carbs stripped, cleaned and internals replaced, new crankcase breather, distributor stripped and cleaned and a new starter

Tank and tool boxes painted

I got the tires mounted today on rebuilt rims

Many, many things to do, too much work these days and not enough quality garage time ;D

Don G:
Winter is coming, lots of time to fiddle! ;-T DonG


Subscribed  :pop

Your clutch centering tool looks a million dollars  ;-T

Antietam Classic Cycle:

--- Quote from: canuck750 on August 29, 2014, 11:05:41 PM ---
Rebuilt heads with new guides, valves and springs

--- End quote ---

This photo concerns me. Looks like the pistons are installed backwards. The "pocket" in the piston should be towards the rear/flywheel side of the engine. The SCA and arrow should point towards the front/timing side.


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