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New tires become suspension rebuild+...(Monza) FAC update!

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FAC dampers finally arrived and have been installed - WOW!   :thumb:

The whole bike feels more "planted" on the road and is much more confidence inspiring on old uneven concrete.  There was a big improvement after the rear shocks were rebuilt, but the new dampers are great - what fun!

Compared to the original dampers the FACs have much better rebound damping and very little compression damping (no air).  Divots no longer jar the bike, and the uneven road surfaces in corners are not very noticeable.

I used Antietam Charlie's method for replacing the dampers and it took about 1.5 hours.

Block up sump and pull dampers from the stanchions.

Pull pinch bolts and axle, drain oil from one side then pull the lower fork bolt on that side:

Pull the damper and spring assembly out and swap dampers: (FAC top)

Insert new damper spring assembly into fork leg, rotate until notch in spring retainer seats in the bottom of the fork leg and re-install lower fork bolt.  At this point the manual suggests you dribble fork oil down into the leg between the damper and stanchion - this is tedious and messy and time consuming.  Instead use a syringe with a fat o-ring or piece of vacuum hose (see pic) over the nipple and inject the oil into the drain hole.   Finish filling from top if necessary.

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