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NGC Cancelling the parallel twin buzz

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Like many parallel twins the Laverda SF series can really buzz, I found riding for half an hour my right hand was numb, the bike has been tweaked and tuned as well as anyone can get it but still the buzz. A friend had a couple suggestions 1) check the front suspension and 2) add bar end weights.

So I replaced the original and probably worn out front fork springs with a pair of new Wurth progressive springs and added a 25mm tube at the top of mild preload.

I replaced the original hard style grips with a pair of cushioned fat style and installed Emgo bar end weights

Went for a couple hour ride in the country yesterday at 60 ~ 80 mph speeds,

Totally transformed the bike, very steady front end, almost no buzz, can ride comfortably at near 80 mph with one hand on the bars, I am shocked that a couple simple and relatively cheap items can make such an improvement to a bike!

The big downside to a perfect days ride was the left side cover went AWOL as I was exiting the highway back into town, took three passes, the last on foot to find the battered side cover, salvageable abut in need of some serious repair and repaint, damn! NOTE TO SELF - check the side panel screw is tight next time :thewife:

Yep.  It is all about harmonic frequencies.

Little changes can have big results.  I've have good luck with inserting a Bar Snake in the handlebars.  Also with bar end weights.

Bar end weights are sometimes magic.  I know some who have filled their handlebars with lead or steel shot and epoxy to get the same effect.

What brand of handgrips are those?  I have never seen them.

I bought the grips from Fortnine, they are very comfortable for my hands

Rough Edge racing:
 on my vintage Brit twins it is not the grips or pegs that I feel the vibration, it's the seat. My ass gets itchy from the vibration...And my vision can get blurry..l Stand on the pegs just enough to pick up my butt and  it's fairly smooth.Sit back down and my vision blurrs and my ass is on fire...tried more seat foam, fleece, but it doesn't make much difference

ray bear:
No good losing your side cover, all my bikes that have hard to get panels I have a nylon fishing trace attached so that the cover doesnt leave the bike but long enough to let the cover hang out of the way so you can access what ever, Lost a lid off my FLHX electraglide some time back that has the silly removeable lid idea instead of a hinge  so I drilled a tiny hole in the tongue  where it goes through the retainer slot and put a small R clip in it. Ray


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