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The Remarkable Mr Rugg

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An old friend from Salina met me on the way to the MOKAN, this year, and rode up to check it out on his 'Busa. (I told him that he'd definitely be the only one there, but that Guzzistis are nice folks, so he wouldn't get made fun of too much.  :laugh: )

Anyways, on Saturday morning, we discovered that he'd picked up a nail the size of a small railroad spike in his rear tire. It must have happened on the very last leg, because he never noticed it going flat.

So who should come to the rescue with a mushroom plug kit and air pump? Why Chet Rugg, of course. Seriously, I'm having trouble remembering seeing him at  a rally where his skills and preparedness DIDN'T save at least one rider having troubles. So let's hear it for the remarkable Mr. Rugg. Cheers, Chet! :boozing:

Chet is like the worlds most I interesting man. Had a great ride home this morning. PERFECT weather👍

Nice seeing all you fellers!

Big slice of Apple Pie for Mr. Rugg.... :thumb: :thumb:  :bow: :boozing:

I love stories about riders helping other riders....:cool: :cool: :smiley: :smiley:

We need much more of this kind of behavior in our world today... :wink: :smiley:

Good guy Chet

Chet is de KS guzzi man.  :thumb:


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