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Change can be good... or not

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 I have recently decided that due to not planning on doing anymore long distance touring, by motorcycle, that a complete makeover on my ol' CB1000 Custom would be a good thing.
 Removing the 80+ pounds of top heavy Vetter equipment would make the bike much easier to maneuver and handle. Finding the headlight assembly, however, was a little difficult. I was able to find all the OEM parts necessary to put her back to factory stock.
 Here are the before and after photos, minus the headlight assembly, which will get installed tomorrow.
What are your thoughts on the change?

Dave Swanson:
And the bike heaves a huge sigh of relief!   :grin:

Looks great without the whole Vetter catalog. 


Looks GREAT Dan!
When was the last time you saw her naked? Them CB's just keep a rollin'!!
Keeping mine in the family too !

blu guzz:
It will feel like a dirt bike without all of that stuff on it. 


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