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Lario rehab project begins. What we've learned..

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Chuck in Indiana:
*Note* I've inquiries about pictures on this thread. Google "Photobucket fix" and you will find an add on for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Add that to your browser, and all will be revealed. :)

I've caught up with my other project, and am starting a new Winter project. If anyone is interested, I'll add to this thread as it develops..
The story:
First, the cheapest bike you can buy is the best there is available. Someone else has already done the grunt work and spent the money. This one wasn't it.  ;D It was a pretty sorry looking thing, but I wanted a Lario, and it was available. Geeseman kindly offered to pick it up and bring it to the Nationals last summer. Here is the before picture..
 I did a quicky going through it to make it reliable enough to take on our Western trip.. new rear shocks, brake pads, headlight relay, changed out the brake fluid, serviced, etc. and blasted off on a *great* trip, doing most of my "bucket list" roads.
Now, we're talkin! Running very well indeed. It's obviously a keeper, so it's time to at least make it look presentable, and fix some little niggles.
First, I made a fitting to hook up to my leak down tester so I could find out basically what condition the engine is in.
A little lathe work, some silver soldering, and
[img=]http://Painted it, because rust never sleeps, and will do the leak down test tomorrow.
Gave it a look at stuff that might need to be done..
looks like one of the first things will be to replace the big seal on the rear drive.

More tomorrow after the leak down and a little more inspection..

How cool.  Thanks for posting.  It will be interesting to watch your progress!

That's right. Reading about your rebuild might just inspire me to begin work on my Lario!

Carlo DeSantis:
I look forward to following your progress, Chuck.

History tells me you're going to crank out another winner!


Lario's get all the love these days!  ;-T Fun to watch and learn.


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