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This is a 2004 Honda VTX1300 that needs a complete "once-over"

Of course, the carb needed a bit of attention. 

The wheel bearings were good, but there was heavy pitting on the wheels.
It was 100 grit sandpaper to start and a fair amount of time sanding with progressively finer grit and then a polish.

How about a little "spin polish" ?    :boozing:

Stay tuned.

Been there, done that for a friend several years ago.

Good luck with yours!

Chuck in Indiana:

    Darned Boxelder, or was it I parked in the wrong place?

Working on this CX here.  Nothing huge, but lots of little things needing address.

Got some great parts from Ben/Scout63 (thanks, man!!) so my bike now has correct rear turn signals, a tool tray and more installed and waiting.  Many new rubber bits have been installed with more pending, new throttle cables with 90 degree adapters added, went through the handlebar switches, new bushes installed in brake & gearshift pedals, tires & another new battery (sold the new battery I had with my 90 Evo FLHTC...) are coming, rebuilding both master cylinders planned for later this afternoon, .


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