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VHB 29s question


Hey everyone, I'm installing VHB 29's on my '69 V700 and have a couple of questions:

*What height from the bottom should the slides be set on the intake side of the carb? Mine are presently at about 1mm. At the air filter side they are at about .25 inches.
*What do the idle stop screws (or throttle stop screws) actually do? If you turn the screws to the right, do they raise the slides? And to the left, do they lower the slides? I'm nervous about tightening them too much, don't want to damage anything.

I don't have a lot of experience with setting up carbs.....kinda confused about the whole process.


I believe the tapered part of the screw lifts the slide, not directly but at an angles turning the screw clockwise lifts the slide.

Antietam Classic Cycle:
My "base setting" when rebuilding carbs is to have the slide open 9/32" on the filter side, measured with a drill bit.

Turning the idle stop screw clockwise raises the slide, counterclockwise lowers the slide. It's best to open the slide (via the cable) before turning the screw in, otherwise it can dig into the slide.

Mixture screws: turning them in leans the mixture, out makes it richer.

Thanks guys, this helps a lot!

  Now let the fun begin   :evil: . Peter


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