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Where do you get your 10W-60?

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After the wildly popular 150 comment oil thread, please post WHERE do you get your 10W-60 motor oil.
I have not been a to to find it locally (that I know of), so mail order might fit some of us well or a motorcycle dealer who usually carries it? I'm sure few of you have found good deals. (Guzzi content)

Please add website and price so rest of us can order a case and join the larger oil thread.

I finally settled on this:

ENI rebranded their subsidiary AGIP under their own label.....according to them, here:

I shortened the Amazon & ENI links with Tiny URL ........



Bill Hagan:
Hurray!  A brazen oil thread in the middle of winter. Thanks.   ;D

As for the merits, my favorite — or, at least, my possibly most used — two words in the English language are: “It depends.”

For my Norge, I buy this: [Yeah, I like tiny url, too, tho I am too lazy sometimes to use it!]

For my Griso, I order “il vero affare” from Jim Barron at Rose Farm Classics:

Before AGIP changed names and some U.S. connections, I’d get directly from them, but have found them more difficult to use of late — especially for smaller quantities of, e.g., gear oil -- so I don’t go there now.

RFC and Amazon are both near-instantaneous shippers.  In fact, RFC's delivery was so fast I wondered if Jim and Kacy had some sort of Star Trek beam machine.   :o



I get Eni SAE 10W-60 oil from AF1 Racing.  I prefer it to Liqui Moly because it is rated API SG whereas the Liqui Moly is API SL.  This translates to more ZDDP in the Eni, better for the flat tappets in my '13 V7 Stone.  The user's manual for this bike specifies API SG rated SAE 10W-60 oil.

Thanks for the link for the Norge oil. Just ordered one. That's a great price!


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