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sad case of Squids in Galveston...

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Lannis, Dave, etal:

Surely you speak truth.  Wow.

Commute home tonight from work to Sugar Land:  guy went nuts on freeway after driving erratic and police lighted him up.  Driver crashed into center median, got out of car, ran, was hit by lady, and killed.  Freeway shut down as they scraped the mess up.  I had to exit early with insane Houston drivers, and wow I just want to call it quits with this place.  Sheesh.  Insane. 

great deal here..... 90% opinion and 10% facts.

not sayin' you're wrong, jus sayin'

idiots. I feel for their pillions

Sasquatch Jim:
 What is so sad about a bunch of traffic morons getting arrested?  It sounds like cause for celebration to me.
 Kudos to the civilians who helped catch fugitives.

I get the feeling there are a lot of ex-girlfriends today. It's one thing to enjoy the ride on your spray tan douchebag squid boyfriend's Gixxer or Hayabusa... and another to hang on for dear life during a high speed police chase.


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