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breva 1100 lever swap

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So, It's my first time changing the levers on my bike. How do you get the hardware out of the old ones and into the new ones? Namely the clutch lever. Thanks everyone.

Vasco DG:
Remove lever.

Undo grub screw in bottom of barrel that holds plunger. (heat may be required to loosen Loctite.)

Unscrew plunger from barrel.

Transfer barrel and plunger to new lever.

Install new lever.

Adjust depth of plunger.

Tighten grub screw to secure plunger in barrel.


For more detail  -

Once the lever is off the bike, get that grub screw smoking hot first before trying to loosen it. If you manage to strip the internal hex (1.5mm) you will have a hell of a time getting it out.

Holding the lever in a rag and the barrel over one of those cheap little propane camping burners was all I needed. I had no need to heat the allen key as well! YMMV.

Once the grub is out, measure the length of the plunger that goes in to the master cylinder carefully (mine was 24mm long) as you will need to replace it in the same position. You will likely have a big dob of glue on the slotted screw head to clean off. Remember it is a reverse thread when you loosen it!

PS Welcome. It is great to see a 19 year old on WG! You are very slightly below the board average age...



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