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Little Green Wing - Aermacchi Ala Verde

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--- Quote from: riguzzi on September 24, 2021, 12:36:07 PM ---I'm just putting my 68H back together before I start on my v50's. Nice little bikes!

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A liitle bit of progress with the Aermacchi, I put a new pair of wheel bearings into the rear hub that Leslie Bull of Moto Italia provided,

Polished up the aluminum hub, deglazed the brake shoes

Moto Italia also provided a new Radelli 17" chrome rim and a set of new stainless steel spokes and nipples from Buchanans

rear wheel all laced up, next to true the wheel and then mount a new tire and tube

I need to call Buchanans and find out if they can make a set of new stainless front wheel spokes from measurements I provide or if I need to send the Honda Black Bomber CB450 front hub and the 17" Radelli rim to them.

Anyone know where I could find a new rear sprocket for this 1961 Aermacchi rear wheel?

I found a Benelli front fender on Ebay that looked like it might fit, I think it will be ok, the top mount has a single tab rather than the double screw tab that wouldbe on the original

Got the rear tire on the new rim, 17 x 3.00, I think it looks ok

I have a couple Harley 250 Sprint rear fenders but none of them fit correctly or look right. I removed the mounting tab on the 62 ~ 66 rear fender I have to try and massage the location of the fender and mount but its not going to work, the 68 on rear fender alos is too big

I think I will look for a Sears 106 SS Gilera fender, my 106 SS rear fender looks like it will be a better fit, the Gilera also has a 17" rear wheel

I screwed up ordering a natching new 17" rim for the front wheel, I was planning on using a Honda CB450 Black Bomber 2 LS front hub but didn't check that it is a 40 spoke hub and I ordered a 36 spoke rim, I might look for the Aermacchi front hub for the 1961 17" wheel
Looks like 17" rims with 40 spoke holes are very hard to find

I took the big valenced rear fender I have to a motorcycle bone yard today in search of a smaller diameter fender that looked more like the slim Ala Verde fender. The bike wrecker in town is a disaster, two storeys of mostly 70'e Japanese parts stacked high on wood shelving with hardly any identifying marks and parts just piled on top of one another.

My search did go pretty quick, I found a rear fender, Japanese, probably early 70's by the signal light mount bracket that was bolted to the fender and it appears to be from a bike with a 17" rear wheel, much smaller than the Sprint rear fender. It is free of dents, appears to be stainless and was mine for $50

I think this will work with some fiddling, I need to weld up some holes, drill new holes, weld in some backing plates etc...

I had a rear lamp holder and plate bracket that has the bottom 1/4 rusted off, it is of the style that came on the Ala Verde, I cut off the rusted bottom and foled over a lip, the upper bracket holes actually line up with existong hloes in the fender, perhaps some good Karma?

There are many variations of rear fenders on Ala Verde motorcycles on Google, This is one example that sort of looks like the fender I found

I need to fabricate a bracket for the bottom of the plate holder to bolt it to the fender. The seat cover is sitting over top of a smaller Aermacchi seat, I am waiting on a used seat frame for an Ala Verde to come from Italy.

I am pretty happy with how its coming together

It's looking really good, Jim.


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