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Little Green Wing - Aermacchi Ala Verde

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--- Quote from: cliffrod on November 25, 2022, 08:30:02 AM ---Very cool!  Glad to see that one was also successfully repaired. 

Not sure if it was a pic here here on WG or elsewhere, but didnít they make three versions of lettering on these covers?   Thought I saw pic of one that only said Aermacchi (maybe from one of the various Italian Bike museum pics) plus yours that say either Aermacchi Harley Davidson or just Harley Davidson.

--- End quote ---

Youíre right Clint, at least four versions of the Aermacchi side covers, some had no text at all, just the raised ribs.
This version with just Aermacchi

Then the dual Harley Davidson / Aermacchi text and the typical North American version with just Harley Davidson.

I brought my welding shield to my friend Georgeís place to get up close and watch his TIG skills, it was so valuable to observe his moving of the puddle and when he added filler rod. I got to practice a bit laying a bead and with Georgeís help my feeble aluminum TIG abilities improved. I am still on the lookout for a used AC/DC TIG machine to get practicing on my own.

Seemed like a good time to mount the 'new' side cover onto the right hand side

I was also lucky enough to find this European market left hand side inspection plate

I hope to make some serious progress on the Macchi this winter.

Stunning work !

Itís looking great, Jim.


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