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Centauro is looking for a new home

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 :+1  I don't like the 6 speed for my type of riding.

father guzzi obrian:
Pete's, now Chucks Scura had the full monty engine, cant think of anything else that could be done to it. giving it the gas a 2K rpm always resulted in a fairly massive wheelie, good for the Pete's sloppage plate.  Chucks Scura is simply the most fun engine of any guzzi I have ridden.... It looks stock, but Chuck can come along and add what was done to the monster Scura.  an 8V will smoke any standard Scura, Chucks has little standard about it......

Chuck in Indiana:

--- Quote from: Jerryd on January 19, 2015, 09:25:34 AM ---So the Centauro would have better performance, but more difficult to tune?

How would both compare to my ex-Griso?

--- End quote ---

The Grease O is basically an updated Centauro without the maintenance issues of the early high cam. Both will easily out run a standard 2 valve engine.


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