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EV (hot start) "Issues"

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--- Quote from: Jerryd on December 23, 2014, 04:57:52 AM ---Pyro Dan??

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Dean Rose:

--- Quote from: krglorioso on December 22, 2014, 10:31:01 PM ---I put Pyro Dan's "GEI" relays in both Stones.  I believe the cost was $18 for 10 relays, a few years ago.  Cheap insurance.


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Order 2 sets, install one and have the other for spares.


John, carefully unplug the temp sensor-clean with some type aerosol cleaner and reinstall or just as likely you may discover the broken temp sensor holder causing your problem. Your symptoms sound identical to what I had early on when my EV was rescued from the chicken house that had been it's previous home. (I do not recall the erratic idling being nearly as definite as you describe) . If the temp sensor holder doesn't break it is a quick and dirty process.

thanks Doug and Merry Christmas

here's an update.  I installed pyro Dan's relays.  I did find that the cover on the Temp Sensor was ripped, so I cleaned the sensor, wrapped the cover with electrical tape and re-installed it.  Took my test ride.

Bike still coughs in the 3-4k rpm range, I do believe it's the TPS.

Hot start did hesitate but it did start AFTER I grabbed some throttle.  I am thinking the hot start issue might be fuel delivery.


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