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EV (hot start) "Issues"

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If you have the P8 'puter and a MAP sensor, check the vacuum hose between the MAP Sensor and airbox  nipple . Even if looks OK, replace any way. Mine was collapsing at times and causing similar issues. After a new ECU ( and everything you already replaced) , I found it by accident. Cheers


--- Quote from: rodekyll on December 22, 2014, 06:57:21 PM ---I'm thinking a loose or broken head temp sensor rt cyl, up near the head.  They're famous for breaking their mount.

--- End quote ---

a faulty connection or sensor may throw the engine into 'cold' mode, which raises the idle and richens the mixture-which sounds like what's happening. If you have some other issue causing it to run lean at idle when hot, this fits the data. Check for air leaks, fuel issues, sensor connections.

I did have to bind back the temp sensor rubber boot with electrical tape.  I didn't see any damage to the sensor.  

My guess is the boot got buggered up taking the valve cover off during adjustment.

I suppose I could find another boot.  Not sure where.


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