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adding pictures to post


How is this done?

I think it's in the FAQ, but I use Photobucket. Other services are similar.

Create a Photobucket account
Upload your photo to Photobucket.
Click on the IMG tag for your photo, which will automatically copy it.
Paste that IMG tag within your post here.
Click "Preview" to make sure it works.
Click "Post."

Yeah, it's a hassle.

I went with photobucket and have posted a pic but here lately when I try to paste something nothing comes up, not sure what I'm doing wrong either.

The easiest way for me was to use the tapatalk app. You can just select a picture right off your phone or tablet while you're writing your post.

Edit: tapatalk is a great app for reading and writing (replying to) posts, especially if you want to include pictures. The only downside I found so far is that I can't start a new post with it

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