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What do you think about this Griso ?

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It probably started out with flat tappets being pre 2012

All Tenni color Grisos had flat tappets and need the recall performed, hopefully since this one was bought and serviced at MI in Seattle, it was done early on. I would deff confirm with the seller, maybe even request pics under the valve cover. The expense is not insanely high, but the kits to do the repair are becoming pretty sparse on the ground. Last time I checked, AFI had the right kit but it was near $2k and thats still not accounting for labor. Despite what Roper and other skilled mechanics have said, it is not an easy/quick job for someone who is simply 'handy with a wrench'. It is a true mechanic or dealer job IMHO.

The pics are beautiful.. it's a real stunning look. It the roller fix was done you should grab it right up. You'll be in an exclusive club. Have you visited

Beautiful bike with some high quality and expensive updates.  If it has been changed from flat to roller tappets I'd say that price is about right.

Lots of info on the internet about the flat tappet problem.  And some good write ups about how to do it yourself.  The issue is the tappets had a coating that was supposed to last forever and prevent wear ... but the coating wears off and then the metal tappets start wearing.  Seems they all do that just at various wear at various miles.  Meaning, some with 10k miles are worn a lot and others at same mileage are just starting to wear.

For me, my biggest concern is all the coating and worn off metal from the tappets getting into the oil system ... where does it all go, what issues does that cause, etc.  In the past the parts were ~$1200 and the labor was ~$1200. 

Bought the same bike used at about the mileage back in 2016.  Still loving it today!  I'll bet a nickel, however, this one still has the flat tappets (as did mine).

If you can get through the dealer route still it's about $500 in labor.  The good news is this bike will probably only need the less expensive kit, so if you can do it yourself it won't be that expensive.  Last I read they were around $1k?

He probably bought it with the Mistral can on there from MI and the suspension bits from Guzzitech are the only mentioned add ons. The cannister is still on so you have someone who left it stock and that's real good for buying used.

I'd be happy to buy mine again; you just need a plan for those flatties.


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