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Next (personal) project - Moto Morini 3 1/2 Strada

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Antietam Classic Cycle:
Unloaded it from the van and assessed the condition a bit. Engine has clean oil in it, transmission shifts through the gears perfectly. Tires aren't original like I thought - date codes are for 1982. More photos.

Seat cover is toast of course, but the foam looks good.

Solid pan too.


Tool tray is still in place. Wiring is for the signals.

Underside of the tank is rust free and solid. 

The inside is rusted, but that's no biggie. 

All of the wiring appears intact.

I was very happy to find the key in the box of bits.

The transducers are still in place. 

CEV "snuffbox" for the headlight, signals and horn. 

The forks tubes look good in the travel area.

Just a little rust where the headlight ears attach. 

Missing the "half-rings" for the rear cylinder headpipe. 

Another clue about what year it is - "12/76" is cast into the wheel.

Some of the bits in the box: warning light panel, gauge mount, gas cap, most of a taillight lens and the clutch lever assembly.

Stuck the cap back on the tank...

...and the lever back on the 'bars. Hooked up the cable - clutch works!

Once upon a time, it had crashbars mounted up - there are dings in the frame tubes from the u-bolts. 

30 seconds with some aluminum foil and WD40 made a big difference. Not bad. 

Put the tank and seat back on in their proper positions.

Cleaned and lightly buffed the tank. Looks pretty good. 

Unfortunately, it does have a dent in the right front corner.

Pretty cool project. Looking forward to the progress!


Antietam Classic Cycle:

--- Quote from: canuck750 on October 25, 2019, 03:11:33 PM --- :popcorn:

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I hope you have lots of popcorn! Not much will happen for a while, although I might get it up on a lift soon and give the engine a once over and see if it'll run. Definitely will need a timing belt replacement and I'll want to check a long "laundry list" of items before the attempt. If it runs and doesn't make any "funny" noises, then it could happen a lot sooner.

It is a Sport. I can see the "S" at the right base of the front cylinder. The front mudguard is the short Sport version, and the steering damper confirms everything. The tank paint scheme seems like a 1978 or 1979 model.

It appears to be in very good condition overall, all things considered. Obviously, a new cam belt is the first thing to get. Wheel bearings and steering head bearings also should be checked. The rest will be a matter of cleaning and the usual replacements. The nice thing about Morinis is that the factory used top-shelf components for their day. They need very little to keep running well.

I would say that you got a very nice deal. Enjoy the restoration!


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