Author Topic: One of the reasons I hate sub-categories. Please read.  (Read 771 times)

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One of the reasons I hate sub-categories. Please read.
« on: March 02, 2023, 09:21:01 AM »
There's a growing number of posts in here that do not have anything to do with actual rebuilds or restorations. The idea for this sub-category was to follow those types of projects as they progress along.

I'm afraid if this continues, I'll have no choice but entirely delete that category. I get way too many "report to moderator" tasks because of this. These are starting to take up too much of our time to move topics to the General part of the board.

Remember, this section is ONLY for posting progress, ideas, tips, etc on actual rebuilds in progress. Not the place to ask general stuff. That's located here:

Please post in the correct categories.

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