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General Discussion / Re: Meet n greet lunch, Chattanooga Tn Jan 28th
« Last post by bobrebos1 on Today at 12:28:18 PM »
Hope to see a couple of you at lunch tomorrow.  Ride safe
General Discussion / Re: Drifting off…
« Last post by bad Chad on Today at 12:24:53 PM »
Where is Elmo?
General Discussion / Re: Grimeca Brake Calipers -Semi Guzzi Content
« Last post by SIR REAL ED on Today at 12:18:21 PM »
I put a Grimeca 4LS front, (plus a rear 2 shoe), a friend rebuilt for me.  18" front 17" rear rim, spokes, shoes et. al. Looks brand new.
Nicely modulated Stoppies, from ~35mph. Just sayin'. Wish I could still kick that beast through. 500cc, 2 stroke, twin.  R3~

Suzuki GT 500?
General Discussion / Re: Drifting off…
« Last post by SIR REAL ED on Today at 12:16:55 PM »
Who is Ken Block?

Who is John Galt?
General Discussion / Re: Jay Leno gets clotheslined by wire
« Last post by cliffrod on Today at 12:11:04 PM »
Just saw that.  He’s lucky the wire was low, weak, whatever..  one of my best friends got clotheslined on his Honda when we were seniors in high school.  It was a stronger cable/wire rope that was hanging low only 2-3 inches off ground but it kicked up, broke his esophagus, nearly died, couldn't speak with more than a whisper for years after that.

Article also said cnbc has cancelled his Jay Leno’s Garage show.  I’ve only seen a couple of episodes on Youtube.  time passes on..
General Discussion / Re: Connector Wires for GuzziDiag
« Last post by DougG on Today at 12:01:06 PM »
Thanks Tom,                                                                          1-27-23

This is the first that I've heard that they are available from Amazon.  Good info.

Be well, stay well,
Typical modern reporting that is misinformation spread by those who only read headlines.  Only those who read the entire article get to the possible quotes.

One thing always to remember about newspapers articles. The author of the article does not pick the title of it. So another person writes the header to the article. So often that header is very misleading.
General Discussion / Jay Leno gets clotheslined by wire
« Last post by redrider90 on Today at 11:46:47 AM »

" The comedian, who has a standup residency in Vegas, explained that he had been testing out a 1940 Indian motorcycle when he noticed the smell of leaking gasoline.

“So I turned down a side street and cut through a parking lot, and unbeknownst to me, some guy had a wire strung across the parking lot but with no flag hanging from it,” Leno said. “So, you know, I didn’t see it until it was too late. It just clothesline me and, boom, knocked me off the bike.”
General Discussion / Re: Connector Wires for GuzziDiag
« Last post by Tom H on Today at 11:46:08 AM »
I have Lonelec as well as these from amazon:

Both work fine. I do like the Lonelec usb cable, looks more durable than the amazon. The Fiat adapter looks like from the same factory.

General Discussion / Re: Roman Guzzi rig
« Last post by pebra on Today at 11:44:15 AM »
Trastaverre neighborhood Rome is where that Guzzi sidecar rig spotted and you were correct it did come from Catania Sicily originally the tag has CT .

Trastevere, that's fancy! The imagination runs wild now - - - -
Maybe the rig belongs to a high-ranking mafioso. That sidecar must come in handy  :wink:
Or, there's a man from Catania who hasn't been able to sell his beloved old Guzzi after moving to Rome, because of all the fond memories involved - straight out of Cinema Paradiso.
Any better suggestions?  :grin:

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